Sunday, November 1, 2009

creative copper workshop idea

The germ of an idea for a new workshop... John, a friend of ours called to temper tools with his home-made forge (completely made from scrapped pieces, the man's a genius - can make just about anything from just about anything) and the conversation turned to copper- and tin-smithing. Turns out John has done a lot of this and would be willing to give a workshop in same. He has made lots of things; bowls, fish, birds, leaves, etc and reckons any of these could be made on a two-day workshop. He also does a traditional method of copper soldering and would cover this too in the workshop. We'll put the word out and see what interest there is, reckon there should be plenty of interest as it's a really lovely material. John's going to come for one of the evening classes and show everyone the art of tempering tools. It's great to know how it's done as there were buckets of chisels knocking around here that appeared to be useless and have now been given a new lease of life.
Meanwhile, work continues on the stuff for the exhibition... The candle is being burned at both ends as the installation has to be started this week... It'll get done, it'll get done.... Back to the grindstone, literally....