Thursday, September 24, 2009


welcome to our new blog section, invites to allow authors to publish blogs will be sent out shortly.

Meanwhile feel free to comment,
thank you
Philip and Liz


Ken said...

Hi Philip,
Not really to familiar with this blogging thing either, but followed the link from your stonemad webpage here and thought I'd be the first to comment. Great idea and I look forward to watching this space. I was gutted when I saw the stone carving course on your site for 2nd oct and would love to have signed up but I'll still be training here in kerry until 16th oct (bummer).
Sorry for not keeping in touch more.
Hope you are hale and hearty and that the family are well?
All the best

Sean said...

Just to say very best wishes and kind regards from Brownfield, Maine, USA, where it is about 7 degrees F outside and maybe 40 more inside.
-Sean O

Frenie Agbayani said...

These are BEYOND cool. Wow, I'm amazed at this contemporary art sculpture.

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